Thabarwa Nature Centre EU A.P.S.

Thabarwa Headquarter | Serravalle Scrivia (AL) - Italy

We are an inclusive and welcoming community, ready to open our doors to individuals coming from prisons, addiction centers, mental health facilities, social services, or those seeking help voluntarily. Our main goal is to provide a safe and protected refuge for those facing challenging situations.

In our mission, we draw inspiration from the philosophy of "Doing Good Deeds" and share a fundamental pillar: meditation. At our center, we offer regular guided meditation sessions, allowing anyone to experience the benefits of this ancient practice that promotes inner peace and mindfulness.

Another special element that characterizes our community is the invaluable contribution of international volunteering. Young volunteers from around the world join us with love and dedication, bringing with them a wealth of cultures and skills. These volunteers tirelessly work to offer their support to our guests, becoming a heartwarming family for those in need.

Together, we share the common goal of creating an environment of hospitality and solidarity, where every individual can embark on a transformative journey. Our volunteers encourage and support our guests in their pursuit of a better life, fostering an atmosphere that inspires trust, self-esteem, and hope for a brighter future. With the support of meditation and international volunteering, we provide a path of healing and growth that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit. content is not displayed due to your current cookie settings. Click on the cookie policy (functional and marketing) to agree to the cookie policy and view the content. You can find out more about this in the privacy policy.