Laila Mjirou


Arabic girl. She practices Meditation Vipassana and she deals with inter-religious integration among people. She speaks correctly English, French, Arabic and Italian. Her role in the center is to receive and care for volunteering and volunteering projects.




Dr. Barbagallo Dony


Psychosomatic Psychotherapist

 The president of Thabarwa Center Europe. Teacher of Mindfulness (Mindfulness Cognitive Therapy MBCT). She collaborates on research projects at the Laboratory of Verbal and Non-verbal Communication of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan ( She is a member of the Association of Psychologists for People. She received the teachings from Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. Then she met the venerable Sayadaw Ottamathara and takes the eight precepts as lay woman. She’s practiced Meditation for more than twenty years.



 Alessandro Marzolla


He practices Vipassana Meditation and he is part of the Sangha of Scarabeo Mindfulness, in The Center he has the role of the guardian and he plans the manual work of volunteers.



Sangha Scarabeo Mindfulness



The Sangha Scarabeo is a large group of practitioners that meet every week for the weekly practice. The group maintains and actively participates in Thabarwa's life providing all kinds of support.