In order to keep the Centre going in full health and power, we have a strong structure with many gears that need constant maintenance. One of its most important fuels, therefore, is the donation from people that trust us and our tools to try to make the world a better place for all. Here follows a text written by Sayadaw Ashin Ottamathara & Dr. Dony and edited by the Thabarwa Volunteers Khema Ceri & Sandhi. We ask you the gentle of reading it entirely to understand our purpose and help it stay alive, the way you can.




TNC EU (Italy)

Merit Festival (Fund Raising) 4A & 4B



No matter how slow,

be consistent.

No matter how many failures,

continue forward.



Now you are free for food, shelter, dhamma friends and teachers. Also you can do various good deeds in our Thabarwa Nature Centre (Mindfulness & Detachment Centre) here in Crena Superior near Milano, Italy.


Thabarwa Centers emphasize on knowing the Truth and way of life doing according to it. So the minds of people in Thabarwa centers are  healthier therefore, they benefit much more than their physical health and  wealth. They not only are able to sleep soundly, be healthy and live longer life but also to die peacefully. We all are sure to get what we give to the others. Because of the donation of the former meditators, we are able to use already some parts of TNC Italy to do all kinds of good deeds for the benefit of all, we should not miss the opportunity of giving small or big donations to accomplish the renovation of Italy Center. Here is the chance of accumulating greatest merit for all.Together caring, helping, sharing, meditating consistentlly will surely change the world into better . We all are responsible for the people and places we are dealing now. Changing a part of the world may cause to change the others. Let us all be united in doing both limited & limitless good deeds for better world of now and ever.

This is a chance to use our possessions in the right way , to benefit  all and to unite ourselves in our generosity and efforts to create together greater projects no one could do alone and to provide what is really important for our society : places to become better persons and development of gratitude and generosity.




1~ What are the Thabarwa Centers and who founded them?

Thabarwa Nature Centers are meditation centers of total solidarity, established by Sayadaw Ottamathara, a Buddhist Burmese monk from the Theravada tradition. He has created centers in Myanmar (over 40 centers in development stages, and 200 pieces of land yet to be developed), in Malaysia, America, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand and Italy, since 2007 until now. 


2~ What is the mission of the Thabarwa Centers?

The mission of these centers is to help people with physical and mental issues regardless of their religious believes or political orientation, using the tool of meditation and the merits acquired from good actions, without any discrimination between individuals. All are accepted limitlessly and in any conditions such as terminally ill patients, mental patients, homeless, prostitutes, single mothers, orphans, drug and alcohol addicts as well as monks, nuns, meditators and people willing to donate their life to help.  Sayadawa Ottamathara has been creating opportunity for development by establishing schools, hospitals, bridges, roads, and connecting people by creating a social network.


3~ How is that mission possible?

Thabarwa Centers are supported by a solid network of donors that is growing steadily.  The more donations, the more the centers become stronger and able to help the ever-increasing number of people. Limitless good actions utilize the law of cause and effect for donors and beneficiaries. The Thabarwa Centers are viral because the goodness is incurable.


4~ What is the mission of Thabarwa Europe?

Just as with all Thabarwa Centers, the mission is to help people in difficulty, penetrating the local components to understand what is lacking, or what the people need. Thabarwa doesn’t give abstract solutions, but concrete answers to specific questions.


5~ When was the first Center in Europe born?

The Villa Solare, located in Piedmont, Serravalle Scrivia (AL) in north of Italy, was acquired in November 2017. That structure has a past of good actions; it was successively an orphanage, a residence for catholic sisters, then a natural cure home, and finally passed into the hands of a private owner. The structure is about 1000 square meters and has a seven-acre forest park annexed to it. 


6~ At which stage of development is Thabarwa Nature Center in Italy?

According to the wish of Sayadaw Ottamathara, the center was active since the beginning. Many temporary volunteers arrived to donate their efforts in cleaning the forest and helping the core volunteer team in food preparation. Six meditation retreats already took place, including one directly guided by Sayadaw Ottamathara in June. In order to develop the center to its maximum potential, the center needed restructuring of the main building, and acquiring  the near house and empty  land to be used as parking, which is still lacking today.


7~ What is the United Donation?

The idea to give as much opportunity as possible for helping others who are in difficulty, and uniting forces in order to achieve  projects that are not feasible by only few people. They are an economic and sustainable commitment, with the determination to give help and to produce results visible to all. 


8~ Is the united donation money used to create profit?

Absolutely not! People come to the center to help for free, without limits. The center provides assistance, natural and conventional medicine, meals and places where one can live and die in total assistance, peace and with dignity.


9~ Did any donation arrive to the Italian Center yet? From where?

Just like in any  Thabarwa Nature Center (TNC), good actions arisethanks to previous good actions performed. The house was bought thanks to a single donation of 300'000 euros offered by a Vietnamese family. Until today 100'000 euros were added, which have been used to build the road necessary in order to start the next phase of construction work; create a robust square with micro Pali to support the huge crane, demolish the existing roof and build a new one (not yet completed today as of today), make a new wooden ceiling under the roof, and  create of the Dhamma hall on the top floor.


10~ What are the future steps?

It was decided to divide the restructuration in different phases  to allow the center to be running and fully operational simultaneously even during this construction period. 




Phase 1: 

Roof and Dhamma hall:

Complete the roof and antiseismic containment cornice: 75'000 euros

Complete under the roof: 50'000 euros

Creation of three new bathrooms (for monks, nuns and meditators): 25'000 euros

Phase 1 Total to complete the roof and top floor:  150'000 euros


Phase 2: 

Purchase of a nearby house with adjoining parking area an essential for receiving meditators and volunteers.

Phase 2 total 65,000 euros.


Phase 3:

General plumbing systems.  Now, the house doesn't have any heating system. It was decided to build a wood-burning boiler plant to use the one supplied by the forest. Given the size of the house, it’s necessary to create a total thermal power plant of 90'000 euros.

Phase 3 Total 90'000 euros


Phase 4

Electric plants per regulations.  Total 46'000 euros.


Phase 5:

Second floor: reconstruction of the floor to create meditators and volunteers’ sleeping areas. Total 133,000 euros


Phase 6:

First floor Kitchen creation suitable size for the community. Total 40,000 euros


Phase 7:

Second Dhamma hall project with underlying rooms and workshops for the disabled and palliative care. 

Total: 600'000 euros


Here is a Way To Participate:

Commit and challenge  yourself  to bring to a completion one Phase of the project by making a regular donation 


4 A~ Donation for Phase One

Donation amount of one unit per month ~ 50€

Duration ~ two months only

Total Units~ 1500 per month


4 B~ Donation for Phase Two 

(buying near house with land)

Donation amount of one unit per month ~ 20€

Duration ~ three months only

Total Units~ 1100 per month


          You are free to donate for fund raising 4 A or 4 B or both. You will be frequently updated on how much the Thabarwa Nature Center has collected and at what stages are the works and the completed works.

       You can come and rejoice by seeing the result of your good actions directly. If you live far away, you can check all the details periodically  updated online.


In Conclusion: 

We all are part of one big network  and we are related to each other. We wish you to be healthy and to have a long life, but it can happen to you or a person dear to you to be in difficulty sometimes. In any case, helping others means to enter in the infinite cycle of goodness, and to benefit from it without limits through your good actions. 


Unity is Strength

Thank you for your help. One drop does not make the difference but many drops form the ocean!


Coordinations For Donation


1 ~ If you would like to support the development of the Thabarwa Nature Center EU, you can use the bank account below.


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Written by Sayadaw Ashin Ottamathara & Dr Dony, 

edited by Thabarwa Volunteers ( Khema Ceri  & Sandhi)


10 Sep,2018 (TNC Arcadia)