Explaining the Thabarwa centers and how they operate is not easy because their essence is simplicity itself. However, some words can help grasp the spirit of these places: sharing, cooperation, solidarity, protection, unconditional help, awareness, and understanding through meditative practice.

The Thabarwa centers are open to all people, without distinctions, who wish to actively participate in building collective social well-being through volunteer work and mindfulness meditation.

The centers do not belong to anyone in particular, but to everyone. Indeed, the idea of performing boundless good deeds cannot be confined to a few individuals. Opening the doors and transcending the boundaries of the self means that everyone is called upon to shape this reality with benevolent actions and true altruistic spirit.

Thabarwa Nature Center was founded by Sayadaw Ashin Ottamathara, a Burmese monk from the Theravada tradition and the abbot of the centers. The first center was established in Yangon in 2005, providing shelter for the homeless, single women, children, and the sick. These actions were often hindered by the Burmese government at that time. Over the years, many more centers have emerged in different parts of Myanmar and in other countries such as Malaysia and the United States.

The Thabarwa centers provide a refuge for thousands of individuals who seek to spend their last days in serenity, surrounded by loving compassion. In addition to offering a safe environment, the centers are equipped with meditation halls, libraries, water wells for needy communities, medical and dental clinics, training centers, and schools for Buddhist studies.

Throughout the years, lands have been acquired and donated in various countries such as Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Cambodia, and Vietnam. In 2017, the Thabarwa Nature Center expanded its presence to Europe, opening its first center in Serravalle Scrivia, Piedmont, Italy.