Thabarwa Nature Center

Vipassana Meditation Centers and International Solidarity.




Explaining what Thabarwa centers are and how they work is not easy, because simplicity is not easy to describe. Some words can help to understand the spirit of these places: Sharing, cooperation, solidarity, protection, unconditional help, awareness, and right understanding through meditation practice.


The Thabarwa centers are places where all people without distinction can actively participate in building a common social well-being through volunteering and practicing meditation of awareness.


The centers are not of anyone in particular but of all, because doing good deeds without limits can not be in the hands of a few people, this would be a limit. Opening the doors and breaking down the boundaries of one's self means that everyone is called upon to draw this reality through good-natured actions with true altruistic spirit.


Thabarwa Nature Center was founded by Sayadaw Ashin Ottamathara, Burmese monk of Theravada tradition and Abbot of the centers. The first center was established in Yangon downtown in a building in 2007. There they were welcomed, night-time species, homeless, lonely women and children, ill and invalid people. Often, these actions were ostracized by the Burmese government. In 2008 the Thanlyin Center was established In 2013 Shwe Chaung Pyin Lwin. Over the last two years more than 40 centers have been established in almost all Myanmar divisions. In 2016, the Kuala Lumpur Center in Malaysia was formed, in June 2017 the Center in Los Angeles, Lake Elsinore, USA. In October 2017 the Center in Italy and in November 2017 in Taiwan.


Thousands of people, knowing that their lives were close to the end, decide to spend their last days in the center. The center helps people to leave the body in serenity, surrounded by loving serenity. Currently, Thanlyin Center includes four meditation halls, a library, water wells for thousands of people and needy families, a medical clinic, a mobile dental clinic, a Chinese-acupuncture clinic, a traditional Burmese clinic, training centers and a school for Buddhist study.


Land was purchased or donated in Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Cambodia and Vietnam. In 2017 Thabarwa Nature Centers landed in Europe with the Italian Center in Serravalle Scrivia in Piedmont.