Thabarwa Center Cinquefrondi

About the Center

This center was established in August, 2019. It is the second Thabarwa center in Italy and is a community center for doing good deeds. 


This center is 530 square meters, not including the garden and the gallery. On the property there is a three story house with three garages. In addition, there are also two storefront properties which has been turned into a meditation room and donation room. There are roughly 6 bed rooms and 9 bathrooms. 


Good Deeds

Some of the good deeds we do at this center are going on alms, meditating, teaching meditation,  providing a library, providing a donation room (formerly a bank), offering free food, offering free lodging, building of a pagoda made from discarded bottles and answering the needs of the local community.


Here anyone can get shelter, food and education for free. Anyone can donate materials, skills, time and kindness without limits. 

Join Us

Everyone is welcome at Thabarwa. For this center we don't require any forms, all that is required is an email or message on Facebook Messenger.


Everyone is welcome to stay as long as they like with no string attached. Our general policy is that as long as people are willing to do what good deeds they can, big or small, they are welcome to come and stay. 


Contact Us


Email: ThabarwaCinquefrondi@


Messenger: Khema Cari



Phone: +39 392 2529623



Piazza della Repubblica n.5

89021 Cinquefrondi (RC),