Thabarwa Center Serravalle Scrivia (North)

About the Center

Villa Solare (The House of the Sun) was built in the late 19th century. It was run by Catholic nuns and used as an orphanage.

Later it became a convent for nuns and also it housed weak children who could benefit from the sunlight due to good position of the house.


Later it was bought by a botanist Cabella Francesco who offered it as a place to help people with health problems.


In the middle of the 20th century it changed it's intended purpose and became a private house.

In November 2017 the Venerable Buddhist monk Sayadaw Ottamasara, founder of the Thabarwa, bought Villa Solare with the idea of transforming it into the first Thabarwa meditation center in Europe.

Good Deeds

Since the end of November, this Thabarwa Nature Center has been open to anyone who wants to practice meditation, help develop the center, receive Dhamma teachings and live in a spiritual community.


Here anyone can get shelter, food and education for free. Anyone can donate materials, skills, time and kindness without limits. 

Join Us

All are welcome at Thabarwa. Our general policy is that as long as people are willing to do what good deeds they can, big or small, they are welcome to come and stay.


If you wish to visit please fill out the registration form.


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